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Massage Service

After long day tour to visit many temples, you will need to re-balance your body. Rose Royal Boutique hotel provides professional massage to restore and enhance natural beauty from the inside Tune your body, mind and spirit. You just book at front desk in 30min or 1hour in-advance you will get one in your own room with very reason price and very relaxing.

Massage Menu

Body Massage

Khmer or Thai Massage
60min $7 / 90min $9 / 120min $12

Facial Care

Luxury Facial with Mango 60min $13
Luxury Facial with Cucumber 90min $13

Foot Reflexology

60min $7 / 90min $9

Hand & Foot Care

Luxury Manicure or Pedicure 60min $7
Luxury Manicure or Pedicure 60min $7

Aroma Oil Massage

60min $12 / 90min $16 / 120min $19

Spa package

Package 1: 150min $23
Body Scrub 60min
Body Massage 60min
Foot Reflex 30min

Package 2: 150min $28
Facial Massage
Oil Massage 60min
Foot Reflex 30min

Package 3: 130min $29
Body Wrap 40min
Facial Massage 60min
Foot Reflex 30min

Deep Tissue Massage

60min $13 / 90min $ 18 / 120min $23

Swedish Massage

60min $13 / 90min $18 / 120min $23

Body Scrub

Salt Scrub 60min $13
Coffee Scrub 60min $13
Kampuchea Herbal Scrub 40min $13
Tamarind Herbal Scrub 40min $13
Foot Scrub 40min $13

Natural Kampuchea Wrap

Body Wrap select by before option
Mango Body Wrap 40min $13
After Sun Cucumber Wrap 40min $13

Let us help you rejuvenate with our relaxing Spa Lover’s Package. The Rose Royal Spa is a heaven place on the earth for you to pamper your body and mind in the same room with your darling.